Lanaé Talks Struggle, Inspiration & Future Plans on Revision Path

I recently had the honor of doing an exclusive interview for Revision Path, a dedicated resource set on inspiring, empowering and educating the community of black graphic and web design professionals.

Designer and Revision Path editor Siedah Mitchum really made me dig deep into what inspired me to start my design firm, theComplex Media, and why I launched an online publication, Sinuous Magazine.

We also dove into some of my hardships, biggest business fears, what inspires me to keep going, and so much more.

Check out a couple of snippets below, read the full interview, and watch one of the most inspiring videos I can ever share with you:

A fear when it comes to the future of your businesses:

“The what if. “What if this doesn’t work?” “What if I fail?” It’s a toxic question, so it’s a matter of ignoring it, which is easier said than done…”

How do you manage to handle both businesses?

“It means I don’t sleep, I have very little free time, and I sacrifice a lot. Launching the second business has definitely consumed my life. My friends and family actually resent it a bit. But the year I launched the magazine, I saw a clip of Eric Thomas, the Hip-hop Preacher talking about “wanting success like you want to breathe.” I hear those words in my head daily and even play the video when I start to get weary. I want to be successful as much I want to breathe, period.”

Do you feel you had more obstacles to face in this industry as a young African American woman?

“I get his question a lot and absolutely. Young, means you don’t know anything. Black means you’re immediately inferior and you can only enjoy certain things designated as “Black,” which in the U.S., excludes the rest of the diaspora.

And being female means you only talk about Louis Vuitton shoes and lip gloss. I’ve spent most of my life proving I have a mind.”

Eric Thomas, The Hip Hop Preacher: “Want success like you want to breathe…”